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Interested in STEM? You’re in the right place.
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Pursue your passion in science, technology, engineering, or math and find a job where you can #DoWhatYouLove.

STEM Jobs connects today’s students with the in-demand careers of tomorrow in science, technology, engineering and math. We provide comprehensive solutions for teachers to help their pupils realize that STEM exists in everything, particularly in the sports, tech, entertainment and music they consume daily.

As thought leaders in the classroom, STEM Jobs is constantly working to change the classroom culture and address the widespread issues of under-representation for minority and female students in STEM careers. By providing positive role models and answering the question of, “When will I ever use this?”, STEM Jobs can help students do what they love.

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We provide answers to the tough questions that keep students away from careers in STEM.

  • When am I going to use this? Did you know that illustrators use algebra? Or that video game designers use trigonometry? The classes you are in directly relate to careers in STEM.
  • Is there a place for me? We want minority and female students to discover their place in STEM: so, we highlight real, diverse professionals in different STEM industries to provide role models and broaden the horizons of today’s students.
  • How do I get there? We path out the different educational routes available to connect students with a STEM career they’ll love, including two and four year degree-granting schools and certification programs.
  • How do I get there? We want you to #dowhatyoulove, so we align your passions with exciting career paths via our powerful STEM Type assessment.
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STEM Jobs provides powerful tools for educators struggling to make STEM interesting.

  • STEM Jobs Magazine engages students with stories of people just like them with amazing jobs in STEM focused on what they are passionate about.
  • Hot Jobs Posters focus on 10 jobs in different STEM industries. These posters answer the tough questions students have about employment, like “What will I do?”, “Will I like it?”, “Who’s hiring?”, and “What does it pay?”.
  • STEM Jobs Lesson Plans provide teachers with a 5E solution to engaging their students with STEM. Our professionally developed lesson plans allow students to experience a day in the life of real STEM professionals.
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“STEM Jobs magazine is a great resource for us. I love how it relates to students and informs them on toys and other items that have awesome STEM connections.”
Chad Palmer, Glen Oak High School
“STEM Magazine is an excellent resource in STEM related classes.”
Janet Davis, Gilmer County Charter Schools
“STEMJobs lesson plans are like using an instant STEM cake mix in the classroom! It is all there; strong, relevant lessons that combine rigorous academics, teamwork and critical thinking/problem- solving. I recommend these to educators as I travel the country.”
Janice Tkaczyk, National Director, Universal Technical Institute
“Just read the Early Fall edition – loved it – so much information and so user friendly!”
Carol Wooten, EdD, Education Consultant, Consultant Schools That Can Pittsburgh
As a science teacher I am somewhat limited in my knowledge of STEM jobs and applications. Obviously I used my science education to pursue teaching science. My strengths in the science fields pertain to content knowledge and delivery. It truly can be hard explaining to students the amazing world of STEM that is out there professionally. A student may love my class but sometimes that is not enough to get them hooked and on the career path for STEM.

One rough year in high school could completely throw them off that course! The STEM Jobs magazine has really helped me make meaningful career connections with my students and STEM fields. The article showing mean salaries, descriptions, education necessary, and companies hiring in that field was extraordinarily powerful when motivating students to pursue college in science or engineering majors.

The STEM Jobs magazine has allowed my students to access information that I don’t know and to be motivated to pursue STEM on an entirely new and realistic level! They are even starting to do their own research and come in and tell me about the job they found that is using what we are learning in class

Melissa Diaz, Pittsburgh Public Schools - CAPA
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We’ve surveyed hundreds of colleges and businesses to discover how STEM friendly their programs really are. The colleges and employers that really stand out and are dedicated to building a diverse, inclusive environment for future STEM professionals are STEM Jobs Approved.

What does it mean to be STEM Jobs Approved?

  • Diversity – They attract and support diverse students, faculties and employees in STEM Fields.
  • Careers – SJA Colleges have programs, resources and relationships that help their students get jobs. SJA Employers facilitate STEM career development for their employees.
  • Partnership – SJA Colleges align their programs with real professionals to make sure their curriculum sets students up for success. SJA Employers partner with high schools and colleges to grow the talent pipeline and help students.
  • Opportunity – SJA Colleges have specific resources dedicated to supporting STEM student achievement and success. SJA Employers provide unique internship opportunities and programs for students to develop a future workforce.