10 Jobs You Can Get in the Ocean Field

If you love the smell of saltwater, there are plenty of careers available - as long as you have strong STEM skills!

10 Jobs You Can Get in the Ocean Field

You don’t have to leave your fascination for Neptune mythology and Jaws trivia when you head to college. In fact, there are tons of jobs that can put you face to face with Earth’s greatest oceans–and sometimes, right in the middle of the deep blue sea.

We scoped out current job offerings and forecasts for future industry growth.

Here are 10 gigs that just might whet your application appetite:

1. Coastal Engineer

Engineering and environmental service firms in coastal areas facing problems like erosion, ecological issues, and harbor expansion want civil, coastal, and ocean engineers who have experience with restoration.

Get hired: To be relevant in interviews, familiarize yourself with the issues different locales, like the Gulf Coast, currently face.

Love the idea of working outside? Here are more engineering careers that can take you out into Mother Nature.

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