Job Versus Career: What’s the Difference?

Not sure what you want to do after high school ends? Start planning the future by thinking about how to prepare for a job versus career. The words "job" and "career" are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. A job is a single position that someone works in, whether for [...]

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5 Ways to Get Ready for the New School Year

A new school year is just around the corner. Instead of dreading going back, take a few simple steps now to make sure this is your best school year ever. If you want this school year to be different than the last, you need to think about it and prepare differently in these last few [...]

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5 Fun and Educational Games that Build Brain Power

Most people would find the phrase "educational games" to be an oxymoron. By definition, aren't games supposed to be fun? It turns out, many people don't realize that their favorite games are secretly teaching them problem solving and critical thinking skills. Add some of these educational games to your next game night to get your brain [...]

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8 Top Skills STEM Classrooms Teach for the 21st Century

STEM classes are much more than a graduation requirement—they teach many of the top skills employers are looking for in their future workforce. There is much more to learn when returning to school this September. In addition to the usual academic subjects—reading, writing, math, and science—your teachers are helping you learn 21st century skills, which [...]

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Get Your STEM on with Nintendo Labo

Gamers will meet a new challenge from Nintendo’s recently released Nintendo Labo as they learn STEM skills of engineering, physics, and programming to create their own toy and make it come to life. Gamers will understand how to construct a toy and use computer programming to allow it to be played with a game console [...]

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5 Surprising Types of Engineers

All types of engineers use math, science, and technology to solve problems, then combine creativity to achieve designs and solutions for almost every industry. The familiar engineering fields -- mechanical, chemical, civil, and electrical -- may not seem to quite fit your career interests. But there are many other types of engineers to consider before [...]

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5 Best STEM Summer Vacation Ideas

Just because school is out doesn't mean you have to stop learning! There are plenty of summer vacation ideas that mix the amazing world of STEM with awesome destinations. If your family or group of friends is brainstorming a getaway this season, consider these incredible summer vacation ideas—ranging from one-of-a-kind museums to national parks with adventures [...]

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5 Reasons to Thank Your Teacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

It's the first full week of May, which means warmer weather, longer days, and the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week! While the immense worth of educators should be recognized every day of the year, it's great to have a week set aside to remind everyone to stop and say thank you for all the sacrifices [...]

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Job Spotlight: Desktop Publisher

Publishing can be done very professionally by a desktop publisher thanks to the many tools computer hardware and software provide. The ability to see how words and images can best be arranged on a page for the reader is a skill every desktop publisher must have. But this professional is not just a computer nerd [...]

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7 Surprising Sources of Renewable Energy

Researchers are working overtime to create new sources of renewable energy to meet the demand for more and better fuels for our power-hungry world. Scientists have experimented with things never considered before as alternative and green sources of renewable energy. Their creativity and STEM skills have opened the door to many surprising and unique ways [...]

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