Surprising Facts About the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

While fishing gear makes up almost half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, other plastics are present as well and together form a growing mass that threatens sea life. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Once thought to be made up mostly of plastic bottles, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge floating [...]

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5 Top STEM Optics Careers

Most of us never think about optics, but there are some incredible optics careers that allow you to apply your science skills while making products that help people. Using concepts focused on light and its behavior, optics careers require understanding of how to use complex machines and fragile materials. This area of science overlaps with [...]

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Job Spotlight: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

The job of certified registered nurse anesthetist is just one of many challenging nursing careers available to students interested in health care. Working in the operating room and taking responsibility for patients' sedation and pain control is a very demanding position that requires extensive education, intensive training, certification, and continuing education. Despite these strict requirements, [...]

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5 Top STEM Nursing Careers

Nursing is both a caring and technical field, but not all nurses are the same. There are actually many options for students interested in nursing careers. Both licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) care for patients in medical offices and hospital settings. They provide services most everyone is familiar with from taking their [...]

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5 Top STEM Publishing Careers

Whether you're into print or digital media, there are plenty of publishing careers available for those with the right STEM skills. Being a superstar in media, bypassing all of the other publishing careers on your way to becoming editor-in-chief right after high school might seem to be a good--but unrealistic--idea. Take a step back and [...]

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5 Top STEM Genetics Careers

Like science, but not sure how to turn that interest into a career? Check out these top genetics careers to find your possible STEM path! In the past, genetics careers were mostly focused on early detection of genetic diseases and disorders, as well as treatment options for those genetic issues. Today, those careers are still [...]

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5 Top STEM Forensics Careers

Most of us who watch television crime dramas think we know all about forensics careers, but there are many specialized STEM jobs in this interesting field. The following are only five of the many forensics careers available to those trained to analyze and dissect evidence that may assist investigators in solving a crime, making an [...]

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5 Top STEM Law Careers

Become part of the legal process by choosing from many fascinating law careers. There's more to this field than just being an attorney! Within the legal field, many different professionals work hard to make sure the justice system works. In addition to judges and lawyers, there are others who work as support staff. Choose from [...]

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Job Spotlight: Protective Agent

A protective agent for the Central Intelligence Agency may work anywhere in the world to ensure the safety of personnel, facilities, and information. The job of CIA protective agent has been portrayed in many movies and television shows and most of us picture a tough, gun-toting guy traveling the world and carrying out dangerous, but [...]

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Job Spotlight: Physical Therapist

A physical therapist works directly with patients to help them recover from serious injuries or illnesses so they can get back to their lives and the things they love. Many patients look to their physical therapist, and the plan of care they develop for them, to help them to stand or walk again, overcome chronic [...]

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