A Student Guide to Understanding Credit

Understanding credit can be tricky - and even once you understand credit, it can be difficult to apply the things you've learned. We recommend talking to a financial expert to lay out an individual plan. But there are a few basics to understanding credit that you should be familiar with before having that conversation so [...]

Top 15 Benefits of a STEM Education Revisited

STEM scares many students because it is perceived as being too difficult and - tragically - boring. Clear up the misconceptions and check out these benefits of a STEM education. The truth is that STEM encompasses the most engaging, hands-on subjects in our schools. Strong STEM skills lead to more beautiful art, more engrossing performances, and more [...]

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5 Cool Math Jobs That Pay Over $50,000 Per Year

"When will I ever use math?" You may not think jobs that involve math would be relevant to your future dream career, but many fascinating math careers do exist. See if any of these five fascinating cool math jobs fit your interest! Animator Would you believe there are many creative careers that use math? Companies such as [...]

Top Jobs for College Grads in 2015

The job market for new college graduates is red hot, according to the most recent report from Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute(CERI). The survey, the nation’s largest with over 5,000 companies responding, indicates that employers are hiring college graduates at levels not seen since 1999-2000. The 16% increase in recruiting comes after several years [...]

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