Hate Bugs? You’ll Love These Insect-Eating Animals

If creepy things give you the creeps, stay calm and know there are animals out there helping to keep their populations in check.

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February 17, 2017
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Hate Bugs? You’ll Love These Insect-Eating Animals

If you’re not a fan of bugs, you may adore some insect-eating animals whose diet literally consists of your worst nightmare.

Do you still call your parents when you see a weird bug on the wall? Is chasing a fly around the room one of the most annoying things that could happen to you? Do mosquitoes make you hate summer nights? Read on to discover various insectivores (insect-eating animals), who might just become your favorite species.

1. Sloth Bear

insect-eating animalsAlthough sloth bears grow to be 200 to 300 pounds, their diet is primarily made of ants and termites. They also do eat fruit and flowers when they are in season, but during non-fruiting season, insects make up a whopping 95 percent of their diet.

Sloth bears, which are primarily found in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, and are the largest insectivore, actually have an odd physical feature linked directly to their diets. They are missing their two front teeth in order to make sucking up their buggy meals easier.

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    I hate bugs sooooooo much. Thank you animals!??

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