10 Hot Sports Jobs for STEM Superstars

Just because you're uncoordinated doesn't mean you can't get an amazing job in the sports industry.

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September 13, 2016
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10 Hot Sports Jobs for STEM Superstars

If you have two left feet and a passion for sports, don’t despair. STEM really is in everything, and can help get you one of these awesome sports jobs!

Sports are exciting, but only the ultra-talented usually get the opportunity to make a living playing a game. If you have dreams of going pro but can’t make the cut, don’t give up! Check out these 10 sports jobs that don’t require you to run laps – and find a way to do what you love.

1. Payroll Supervisor

What you’ll do: In this important role, employees will turn to you for all wage matters. It is your job to ensure all accounting records are maintained and calculated correctly through your sharp analytical skills, even under stress and pressure.
Median salary: $37,250
Will I like it? You managed a profit-sharing plan for your neighborhood lemonade stand.
STEM Type: Explorer

2. Welder

What you’ll do: By studying stadium blueprints, you will determine methods for completing installations and repairs through welding together dissembled pieces of equipment using torches and soldering tools. Through calculating the necessary amount of heat for each job, you ensure efficiency and safety.
Median salary: $38,150
Will I like it? You fixed everything your siblings ever broke so that your parents wouldn’t punish all of you.
STEM Type: Solver

3. Head Groundskeeper

What you’ll do: Responsibilities for your job as a groundskeeper at a stadium include ensuring the field grass and the common areas outside the stadium or arena are perfectly manicured every game day and during special events. For outdoor arenas, you’re responsible for developing a plan of action for securing the field during drastic weather changes, in addition to calculating the necessary amounts of pesticide and fertilizer to treat grass areas and any live plant features.
Median salary: $39,520
Will I like it? The smell of freshly cut grass takes you to your happy place.
STEM Type: Solver
Schools that train: Certifications through organizations like the Professional Landscape Network and the International Society of Arboriculture are recommended.
Companies that hire: Heinz Field, Lambeau Field, Yankee Stadium

4. Plumber

What you’ll do: You must be able to read blueprints and ensure your plan of action adheres to building codes while calculating time, labor, materials, and workforce. When installing, maintaining, and repairing pipelines, you will be responsible for making sure these systems will safely and effectively carry liquid into and away from the stadium or arena.
Median salary: $50,620
Will I like it? You installed underground pipes and a sprinkler system for the garden because a watering can was inefficient. Chores accomplished.
STEM Type: Solver
Schools that train: Athens Technical College, Community College of Allegheny County, Macomb Community College
Companies that hire: McKamish Inc., Sauer Inc., TDIndustries

5. Commercial Electrician

What you’ll do: With your knowledge of reading blueprints and technical diagrams, you will install, maintain, and repair the electrical features in sporting arenas and stadiums. Whether a light bulb blows on the scoreboard or the outlets fail to work in the locker room, you are responsible for keeping the energy up and running.
Median salary: $51,880
Will I like it? You built a working lamp at the age of 5 that is still in your living room today.
STEM Type: Solver

6. Buyer and Purchasing Agent

What you’ll do: Through the use of refined mathematical skills, you will determine the best vendors to provide an array of products, depending on the department in which you work. From food to team merchandise to housekeeping supplies, you’ll calculate the best pricing and most efficient delivery to make buying decisions for the team.
Median salary: $59,620
Will I like it? Shopping is your name and using math to find the best deals is your game.
STEM Type: Integrator
Schools that train: High school diploma plus some on-the-job training
Companies that hire: Consol Energy Center, FedEx Field, NRG Stadium

7. Architect

What you’ll do: You will design plans for sports stadiums, training grounds, or sporting-goods retail shops. By collaborating with clients and engineers, you will determine the best course of action for constructing sports-oriented buildings to generate public interest and maximize participation.
Median salary: $76,100
Will I like it? Your blanket forts could hold up to a real attack.
STEM Type: Designer
Schools that train: University of Central Florida, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Connecticut
Companies that hire: CannonDesign, HKS, Inc., HOK Sports

8. Statistician

What you’ll do: You will use mathematical techniques to analyze and interpret data and draw conclusions. In sports, staticians will calculate the records of athletes for display during games, online references, and trading cards. Sports historians will reference your work when discussing the great athletes of our time.
Median salary: $80,110
Will I like it? You calculated your odds for success before agreeing to play dodge ball in first grade.
STEM Type: Advisor
Schools that train: Carnegie Mellon University, Grand Valley State University, Kennesaw State University
Companies that hire: ESPN, MLB Network, NFL Network

9. Plastics Engineer

What you’ll do: From sourcing the most economical seating options for the stadium to preparing proposals and budgets for maintenance and repairs, you are the plastics person for stadium and arena chairs. Utilizing math smarts and the knowledge of how the materials comprising seating will withstand weather, fan abuse, and wear and tear, you’ll supervise seat needs and remain informed of the latest advancements in efficient and eco-friendly options.
Median salary: $91,310
Will I like it? Trash? What is that? Barely anything in your house is ever thrown away because you repurpose all materials into new products.
STEM Type: Investigator
Schools that train: Michigan State University, Norfolk State University, University of Southern California
Companies that hire: American Seating, Hussey Seating, Irwin Seating Company

10. Electrical Designer

What you’ll do: As the leader in designing and testing constant-current driving circuitry and printed circuit board layouts for LED modules and LED light fixtures, you’ll play with the possible LED screen options for arenas and stadiums. As technologies progress, you’ll be at the forefront of breaking advancements and the person who will lead implementation into existing systems and quality control prior to incorporating products onsite.
Median salary: $91,716
Will I like it? Lite-Brite was your favorite childhood toy (and you still play with it).
STEM Type: Designer
Schools that train: Arizona State University, Boston University, Youngstown State University
Companies that hire: Daktronics, Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Systems Division, Panasonic

Regardless of which sport you’re passionate about, there is a STEM career waiting for you to go pro. Which of these sports jobs sounds most exciting to you?

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