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5 Top STEM Genetics Careers

Like science, but not sure how to turn that interest into a career? Check out these top genetics careers to find your possible STEM path! In the past, genetics careers were mostly focused on early detection of genetic diseases and disorders, as well as treatment options for those genetic issues. Today, those careers are still [...]

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STEM College Programs – Cytogenetics/Genetics/Clinical Genetics Technology/Technologist

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5 Top STEM Health Care Careers

These amazing health care careers allow you to use your STEM skills to help others—without the time and expense of medical school. High school graduates interested in the fast-growing field of health care have many options to choose from that connect them with both technical and service positions in the medical field. Whether you're looking [...]

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So You Want to Be a Scientist: 10 Types of Scientists

When you think of a scientist, you probably picture someone in a white coat mixing chemicals in a lab. In reality, there are many types of scientists who do really diverse things. If science is your favorite subject, see whether one of these types of scientists could be your future career. These STEM jobs are [...]

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